About me

My Passions

Hello My name is Christine, and originally I am from Texas, but for the last couple years I have been what some call a “Global Citizen”. I have lived in six countries in the last three years. As I have loved traveling and experiencing new cultures, there have been times where I feel lonely and isolated from everyone around me.

As I traveled I realized many people felt similar, isolated from their home cultural norms, difficulties communicating, and even not feeling understood. Many people work very hard in order to have the opportunity to travel around the world, but not many think about difficulties they might run into or even if you prepared things happen in life we all need support with. While you abroad it can very difficult finding a therapist or coach that speaks English.

My hope is to share my experiences and knowledge to help you deal with some of the potential issues that will arise while you are abroad. No matter where you are in the world you are able to embrace this change in your life and transform into the person you want to be.

My Approach

The approach I use is called TEAM Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is based in working with distressing thoughts that lead to our distressing emotions and then to out actions. We do this by

T- testing gather data on your mood and relationship satisfaction for a good baseline of where we are starting, to help monitor our progress, and to help me better understand of what you are experiencing.

E- empathy for the client to feel heard and accepted for who they are ins a critical part of therapy due to this it is important that we create a strong and empathetic bond where you can express yourself freely. 

A- agenda setting is where we work together to create a clear agenda of what we are working on in sessions. We will also discuss any feelings you might feel about the change process. Most times there are mixed feelings about the change process. 

M- methods are all of the tools we will use to work with the distressing thoughts you are experiencing.

As I have many years of experience and knowledge in the western medicine/ science of the mental health care system. I believe that there are many ways we can grow and heal. For this reason I also incorporate meditation, breathing, and movement techniques. Every session is tailored to what best fit you and your needs, but we not limited in the techniques I utilize. Let’s find what works best for you.

Level 1 Certified

Trained in the TEAM-CBT model and tools under a TEAM certificated trainer through the Feeling good institute.

My Education/ Professional Experience

I obtained my bachelors in psychology and master in social work from the University of Texas at Arlington with honors. I followed my passion to help people by working for local government agencies such a the county psychiatric hospital and mental health resource center. In these roles I received extensive training and gained years of valuable experience. Luckily I lived in a county with rich community resources. My roles ranged from mental health professional in a residential crisis clinic to adolescent support for teens being released out of a juvenile detention facility. I found my work extremely rewarding for over five years in mental health services and received many awards for the work that I provided. About three and a half years ago I left Texas to share my knowledge on a global level and learn more from other countries.

For about two years I moved around the world to work on different philanthropy projects in a psychological role. From Europe to Asia I held many different roles and worked with  many different populations learning something new from each experience. Currently I live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I have been in private practice for two years and involved in different community mental health projects. Where I am dedicated to support expats and communities with mental health resources.  

I inspire change by