About me

My Passions

Hello My name is Christine, and originally I am from Texas, but for the last couple years I have been what some call a “Global Citizen”. I have lived in six countries in the last three years. As I have loved traveling and experiencing new cultures, there have been times where I feel lonely and isolated from everyone around me.

As I traveled I realized many people felt similar, isolated from their home cultural norms, difficulties communicating, and even not feeling understood. Many people work very hard in order to have the opportunity to travel around the world, but not many think about difficulties they might run into or even if you prepared things happen in life we all need support with. While you abroad it can very difficult finding a therapist or coach that speaks English.

My hope is to share my experiences and knowledge to help you deal with some of the potential issues that will arise while you are abroad. No matter where you are in the world you are able to embrace this change in your life and transform into the person you want to be.

My Approach

We all have found ourselves at point in our lives that we are searching for support and guidance. This is such a nourishing point that deserves love and respect. My approach on therapy is just this. A collaborative path that focuses on your strengths and is oriented towards your goals with the encouragement that can help make all the changes possible. Lets explore you to become much more aware of your strengths and needs. We can pair that with my therapeutic skills to work together in order to help you get the goals you would like to accomplish. It is important to me that you feel empowered with all the right skills.

As I have many years of experience and knowledge in the western medicine/ science of the mental health care system. I believe that there are many ways we can grow and heal. For this reason I also incorporate meditation, breathing, and movement techniques. Every session is tailored to what best fit you and your needs, but we not limited in the techniques I utilize. Let’s find what works best for you.

My Education/ Professional Experience

I obtained my bachelors in psychology and master in social work from the University of Texas at Arlington with honors. I followed my passion to help people by working for local government agencies such a the county psychiatric hospital and mental health resource center. In these roles I received extensive training and gained years of valuable experience. Luckily I lived in a county with rich community resources. My roles ranged from mental health professional in a residential crisis clinic to adolescent support for teens being released out of a juvenile detention facility. I found my work extremely rewarding for over five years in mental health services and received many awards for the work that I provided. About two and a half years ago I left Texas to share my knowledge on a global level and learn more from other countries.

Over the last two and a half years I have been moving around the world to work on different philanthropy projects in a psychological role. First beginning in the south of Portugal where I worked for a hospice agency and soup kitchen. Then to a beautiful orphanage in a costal city in Thailand supporting the young children in gaining the confidence and skills needed in living a productive life. That job lead me to Otres village, Cambodia where I worked in a community center to support families in extreme poverty. Currently I live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I work at local orphanage helping develop a psychology program to assist the children process and deal with the trauma they have endured in their lives.

I inspire change by