Therapy is extremely helpful for change and transformation, but it takes time. If you are looking for additional tools to help with you with your process please see below of tools that can be helpful.

PLEASE NOTE: these tools are not a replacement for therapy. They are most useful in combination with therapy.


Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 

Learn how to really practice your mediation and mindfulness. This is free 8 week training to help you practice and explore.


The Psychology of Culture Shock

The Psychology of Culture Shocks by Colleen Ward, Stephen Bochner, and Adrian Furnham “…(the book) examines the psychological and social processes involved in intercultural contact, including learning new culture-specific skills, managing stress and coping with an unfamiliar environment, changing cultural identities and enhancing intergroup relations.”

A Portable Identity

Written specifically to speak to women who have relocated to another country with their spouse. Tips and tools on how to stay empowered as well as explore the typical thoughts that might come with moving away with your partner.

International Online Resource Guide

As we are traveling it can be difficult to find support in English, this completely online based resource guide is full of informative websites, helpful apps, international crisis lines, and much more. All available where you are when you need it.


Help Me Be Me

Sarah May provides short podcasts to help in many different areas of your life to implement change. Her catch phrase is “self-help for those who do not like self help”. The reason I like it is because she really breaks it down to simple terms to understand the theories behind things. She also has really good insights and help tools that you can use on so many different life situations.


Self-Esteem and Compassion

What is the difference between self-esteem and compassion? How closely are they related and how much are they different?

Local Resource Guide

If you live here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico have I got a treat for you. I have been working closely with a group of therapist here in Vallarta. We have created a wonderful resource guide with the plentiful things that this community has to offer.


Virtual Hope Box

Made as an accessory to therapy to help individuals with coping, distractions, relaxation, and inspiration with a wide range activities that can be personalized to you.

Insight Timer

The largest meditation library covering all topic from sleep to anxiety. With all different lengths of meditation there is something for beginners or advanced level. You can get all of this for FREE, that right FREE.


A application that checks in with you everyday. It also provides tool to help tackle emotions and processing. Not to mention is also delivers some basic steps of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. And it is FREE!