Online Therapy- Talk with Christine Video

Welcome to Talk with Christine. In these Talk with Christine videos, I will be sharing tips that have beneficial to me and others by implementing in their lives to strengthening their mental health. Being an expat brings so many opportunities to our lives such as adventure, exploration, unknown, anxiety, and loneliness. Why not add tools and tips to our toolbox to help us as we embark on these journeys to help the transition to go more smoothly.

We will talk a little bit about the new tip or tool that you can add to your toolbox as well as some benefits of implanting it into your life.

The purpose of these videos is to share little bits of knowledge and tools for your toolbox, but it also allows you to have a small sample of what it would like to work with me on screen. There can be a lot of anxiety that comes along with therapy in general and online therapy is still a very new “cutting edge” concept. Which makes sense, in therapy you are opening up about your thoughts and feeling, you want to make sure you are doing this in a safe place. Having a short video where you can see how easy it is to connect with me on the screen and gain a little more comfort in embarking in this transformation.

In this video:
– Introduce myself and my videos.
– Share a little bit about what to expect with online therapy
– Touch on the benefits of online therapy
– Explore some reasons individuals might seek therapy

The research I refer to in my video is:

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