Gain a different perspective, feel validated, and decrease the power of cycling thoughts today!

My mission is to provide quality affordable online therapy and coaching to English speaking expats all over the world who are struggling to implement a change in their lives.

I do this by using a TEAM Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach that focuses on the thoughts that surround your emotions while melting away any resistance.

Areas of Specialty

Life Transitions

It is very typical to want to process through transitions to make sense of your feelings and thoughts. Make peace with the passing doubts that fleet through your mind. Talk through the changes you noticing in your self because change is inevitable.  

Confidence Self-esteem

Everyone from time to time has negative self-talk that might cloud their minds. Some of that talk can be helpful, but other times it can lave us feeling unworthy or burdensome. Build up your self-worth and learn the skills to truly value yourself in all of your beauty. 

Bereavement and Loss

Loss is a complicated emotion and even more if your not around to have closure of loosing a loved one back in your home country. Lets build a positive healing space for you to grieve and make peace with your loss. 

Preparation for Moving Abroad

There is so much to do when moving abroad. It makes sense that 94% of individuals do no preparation for their mental health. Take the time to mentally and emotionally prepare for your new adventure. 

Stress Management

Stress is a healthy part of life, but it shouldn't feel overwhelming. If stress is starting to interfere with your quality of life then lets learn some new tools to deal with it. 

Cultural Adjustment

Being an expat by definition is coming from another culture and going into a different culture. This is exciting, but it can also feel isolating. This doesn't have to be such a lonely process. Work to feel good within yourself so no matter where you are you feel at home. 

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Licensed in psychology in Jalisco, Mexico #PEJ 352775
Licensed in master in social work in Jalisco, Mexico #PEJ 352778

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What people say?

I have attended a couple of Christine's group therapy sessions and have really enjoyed the experience. She incorporates activities that enable one to look inward and reflect on emotions and experiences easily and in unconventional ways. I have learned better methods of expressing myself, valuing myself and others, and becoming more peaceful because of Christine. She is a genuine, sweet soul. I highly recommend her practice!
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Warm hearted, friendly, easy to contact and readily available at an affordable cost. You can feel her gentleness even online and be confident that she is passionate about helping you to thrive!
Dallas, Texas

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