Would you know where to go for help?

Let us say you have decided that you need therapy or perhaps just support with some emotional problems you are dealing with. Would you know where to go for help? Or perhaps what other resource you would have available to you? You are not alone. Navigating the mental health system can be complicated and confusing even in places where insurance companies guide you through the process. That is where resource guides come to help outline the resources that are available to you, while also empowering you to make the decision that is best for you.

When I first moved to Puerto Vallarta about two years ago, started to work on creating a resource guide specifically for Puerto Vallarta. I worked with a team of local psychotherapist to create this solid resource guide. For psychotherapists, the resource guide is greatly needed. A part of a psychotherapists job is to meet the client where they are and provide support. How can we link clients with much needed resources when we do not know what is available or how the programs work? All of the resources have been verified and reviewed by multiple people in order to keep the integrity of the resource guide.

In the Puerto Vallarta resource guide, you will find professional psychiatrist and psychologist along with their specialties, contact information, and location. Many times, it is confusing to know what all the letters mean after a clinician’s name. The biggest thing you want to know is can they help with your depression. On the resource guide it focuses in on the clinician’s specialties, so you will not need to guess on if they have experience in working with what you are dealing with.

You will also find a section on different groups that you are able to join for more support and sense of community. Groups come in many different forms with many different focuses. The resource guide breaks it down for you on what the group focuses on, who is guiding the group, and when they meet. It is a consolidation of all the helpful information in one spot while also offering means to get more detailed information about each group.

This resource guide offers other supports for children and parenting that might be helpful or imperative for your family’s success. There are some programs that help with children with disabilities, other programs that offer support with reading, and others that offer support in parenting. On the guide you can see what the programs offer, what their intake criteria entails, and the cost of the programing. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs anyone will ever take on, why should you have to do it alone. As the saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”. No matter what resource you are looking for, hopefully you can find it or at least where to start looking for it with the resource guide. Please feel free to use the guide and share with anyone you think might benefit from it. This is our resource guide as a community. Since it is our guide as a community if you see a resource missing or an error on the guide please connect with me at christine@talkwithchristine.com